10 December 2018
3rd AIEE Energy Symposium Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security | International Event
Milan, Bocconi University
10-12 December, 2018
3rd AIEE Energy Symposium Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security
We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the
3rd AIEE Energy Symposium on Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security, The Energy Transition
to be held in Milan on December 10-12, 2018
Abstract submission starts on May 15, 2018 - deadline: July 15, 2018

Conference objectives

The Conference aims at providing a forum for an analysis of the new developments and a new vision of the future
framework for energy security and will try to define the energy priorities for the next years and the action to be taken.

Emerging energy market trends and technologies are driving new energy security concerns and renewing perennial
challenges. While energy markets are currently well supplied, security risks continue to proliferate which may impact
the balance in both the short and long terms. Technological advances in the energy sector to increase capabilities and
capacity for production and distribution have created new vulnerabilities. The improvements regarding the European
energy security have made great progress in the recent years, yet the continent remains vulnerable to supply
disruptions, although the increased interconnectedness of energy infrastructure across Europe have had
a mitigating impact. Efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels to address climate change also pose security challenges. 

In the past, geopolitics and the supply of oil and gas were the dominant factor determining energy security.
Today, a broader and more complex spectrum of elements are interacting to both stabilize and threaten energy security.

This conference is an invitation with the goal of promoting research and information exchanges on energy security,
providing a general look at the forces driving its transformation and at some of their effects. Many of them are different
from anything we have seen in the past.

The Plenary sessions

The topics of the papers to be presented in the plenary sessions: 

  • EU towards 2030
  • Regulation of energy markets
  • Economic instruments and transition pathways to a low-carbon economy in the industrial sectors
  • Europe Roadmap to 2050 and the future strategies of the energy industry
  • Sustainable mobility challenges for the transition targets
  • Energy security of supply and market developments

The Concurrent sessions

Four of the 28 concurrent sessions will be devoted to the themes covered in the dual plenary sessions

to present further papers on these subjects. The other themes will largely be identified from

the clustering of relevant presentations submitted by the participants.   

Concurrent sessions will be organized from the accepted abstracts. 

The range of topics proposed for submission is not limited, the authors may be encouraged by
the Programme Committee to organize also specific sessions on topics different from the ones
indicated below, for which you are cordially invited to send us your proposals. 

Those interested in organizing sessions should propose the topic and the
possible speakers to: assaiee@aiee.it

To organize a special session, the number of the speakers should be at least 4 and no more than 5. 

The abstracts proposed for the special session should be submitted, following the
general submission rules, within the deadline of July 15, 2018

Proposed topics: 
Europe energy road map to 2050 
Climate policy and emission trading
Energy supply and security
The future of transportation
Access to energy
North-South cooperation on renewable energy
Energy vulnerability in developed countries
The future energy demand
The utility of the future
The Union energy security
Regulation of energy markets
Extending the scope of European energy regulation
Smart grids
Smart meters
Smart cities
Technology development (grid manangement)
The gas market: new perspectives?
The perspective of LNG
Biogas and biomethane
The impact of  oil price fluctuation
Real-time tariffs 
Strategic contribution of energy storage to tenergy security
Energy storage – effects on the market
Promoting or imposing energy efficiency?
Sectorial approach to energy efficiency in industry
Reducing industrial energy use and CO2 emissions
Industrial energy and material efficiency
Energy efficiency in buildings
Behavioural energy economics
Market instruments for energy efficiency


Abstract format 

Submitted abstracts should be of one or two  pages in length, comprising: 
(1) overview, (2) methods, (3) results and (4) conclusions.

All abstracts must conform to the standard template. 

At least one author from an accepted paper must pay the registration fees and attend the conference

to present the paper.

The lead author submitting the abstract must provide complete contact details - mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail, etc

Please send also a short CV (one page) to the conference secretariat after submitting your abstract.

The file should be sent to: assaiee@aiee.it or info@aiee.it

For the already submitted abstracts the authors will be notified by August 1st 2018 of their admission status. T

While multiple submissions by individual or groups of authors are welcome,

the abstract selection process will seek to ensure as broad participation as possible: each speaker is to deliver

only one presentation in the conference. If multiple submissions are accepted, then a different co-author will be

required to pay the speaker registration fee and present the paper.

The submission of the full paper is not obligatory unless the author is interested to propose it for publication.

Conference proceedings


AIEE will publish the conference proceedings on-line on the conference website, in one volume with open access.
The proceedings will contain the abstracts, it is not obligatory to submit the full paper, unless the author is interested to publish it in the volume. 

3rd AIEE Energy Symposium - Conference Proceedings
ISBN: 978-88-942781-1-8 publication date:  December 31st, 2018 
The AIEE does not copyright conference proceedings abstracts, papers and presentations.
The author retains the copyright of their presented paper and gives permission to AIEE to post their abstract and
presentation in the online proceedings.