Eco-Mobility Conference

1st EcoMobility Conference

22nd of March 2018 Aegli Zappeiou
HAEE and the news portal co - organized the 1st EcoMobility Conference, which was held on the 22nd of March 2018, at 10:00, at Aegli Zappeiou, in Athens.
The developments in the sustainable transportation, the institutional framework, the new investments, the infrastructure, the market proposals and the opportunities for the evolution of all sectors, who share the same interest in the above mentioned (car industries, fuels, channels, energy storage) was presented at the 1st EcoMobility Conference.
The Conference enabled the union of significant market players, stakeholders, academics and political representatives  to come together, so as to share the best practices and create synergies in a setting that promotes initiatives for growth stimulation and expansion of alternative fuels, such as Natural Gas (CNG, LNG), electromobility etc.
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