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Akuo Energy is the leading independent French producer of renewable energy. The group develops its own assets, which it operates as per the beginning of their commercial operation. As an integrated player, Akuo is currently present on the entire value chain, i.e. development, financing, supervision of construction and commercial operation of its projects. Akuo Energy is growing according to a triple strategy of diversification. On the one hand, it carries out geographic diversification at a global scale, and currently has subsidiaries in seventeen countries (i.e. France, USA, Uruguay, Croatia, Poland, Dubai, Indonesia, Australia, Mongolia, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Mali, Argentina, Portugal, Greece and Luxemburg). On the other hand, it pursues technological diversification, via the development of electricity generation projects that use the entire spectrum of renewable energy resources currently in existence, whether it be wind, solar, biomass, or water (rivers, oceans and seas). Finally, Akuo develops its own products, such as floating solar units and GEMs (combination of mobile, plug-play and scalable solar and storage containers providing cost effective, reliable and green off-grid solution for medium size loads such as resorts or villages).


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