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GASTRADE S.A. is a Greek utility company which develops, exploits, operates and manages natural gas systems in a safe, reliable and financially sound manner.  It is the first enterprise operating in Greece that has received a license for an Independent Natural Gas System from the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

GASTRADE is developing in the sea area of Alexandroupolis an offshore floating unit for the reception, storage and re-gasification of LNG which will secure new natural gas quantities for the supply of the Greek and the regional SE European markets, offering new sources and routes of natural gas supply, promoting competition to the benefit of the end consumers, enhancing the security of supply in Greece and the Balkan markets, improving the reliability and flexibility of the Greek National Natural Gas Transmission System and of the regional and trans-European gas networks and contributing to the achievement of the environmental targets of Greece. 

Commercial operations of Alexandroupolis INGS are expected to commence in 2021.

For more information visit the official website of the company:

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