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Public Power Corporation S.A.

Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC) is the biggest power producer and electricity supply company in Greece with approximately 7.4 million customers across the country. PPC currently holds assets in lignite mines, power generation, transmission and distribution. PPC’s current power portfolio consists of conventional thermal and hydroelectric power plants, as well as RES units, accounting for approximately 68% of the total installed capacity in the country. 

PPC Group is the leading Greek electric utility, with activities ranging across mining, electricity generation, distribution network operation and supply of electricity to end consumers.

It is the largest power generator with a total installed capacity of 12.1 GW including thermal, hydro and RES power plants in the mainland & in the islands. It is also the owner of the electricity distribution network which is being operated by its subsidiary HEDNO S.A.

PPC was founded in 1950 and is listed to the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001.

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